Honda Rumored To Be Selling F1 Team

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According to, Honda may be attempting to sell their F1 team before Christmas. If the sale does not take place before then the team could be dismantled. It's still 4:00 am in Japan so there's no official comment.

Reports are coming in stating a flurry of applications from Honda F1 employee-hopefuls have been going unanswered for some period of time. This is a bad sign; not responding to apps could mean management doesn't see a future for the team. We hope either this report is false or some big Daddy Warbucks steps in to buy himself a plaything. Thanks to Mark and everyone for the tips [GrandPrix]

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I'm not sure how the team structure works, does this mean there is room for a new manufactures team, or does the person buying the team have to races Hondas? I think there needs to be an American team. Not that any of them could afford to race right now, but how much would it do for Caddy's euro cred to get them racing in F1.