Honda Recalls 165,000 Vehicles From 2005-06 Because Someone Leaked Stuff On Other Stuff

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HoMoCo reported earlier today it's recalling around 165,000 vehicles including 2005 models of the Acura TL, TSX and RL sedans (pictured above, probably stalled), 2005 Honda Accord coupes, sedans and hybrids, 2005 Odyssey minivans and 2006 Ridgeline trucks. Apparently it's part of a globe-wide recall due to sealer material leaking onto a coil wire inside the fuel pump relay on some of the vehicles that can cause it to become brittle and snap — and that could cause the engine to stall or fail to start. Honda's received "multiple complaints" but no injuries or crashes have been reported due to the "leakiness" of sealer material. If you've got one of the above models, head over to your dealer for your replacement fuel pump. Tell them Jalopnik sent you and I'm fairly certain they'll give it to you free — we pulled some strings.

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