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Honda Previews e:N2 EV Concept Destined for China

The e:N2 is the segment-bending EV we didn't know we wanted from the Japanese automaker.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Honda

Another cool electric Honda was introduced overseas, and of course, if it’s made, it will never see U.S. shores. Honda’s e:N2 concept car was unveiled over the weekend at the Fifth China International Import Expo in Shanghai, with looks to kill. And it’s destined for sales in China.

This is the latest e:N concept Honda has shared with the public. Last year, Honda teased its all-electric future with a lineup of e:N vehicles. Two of those vehicles, the e:NS1 and e:NP1 electric SUVs, began selling in China earlier this year, according to Motor1.


It’s a bit hard to tell what sort of market segment the e:N2 fits in from the teaser image, and Honda says that’s on purpose.

“The exterior design of the e:N2 Concept features sharp and dynamic body lines and surface finishing which highlights the metallic look, aiming to present new styling that does not belong to any existing categories,” the release states.


Honda is definitely right about this vehicle not really fitting into any one category. The e:N2 is some sort of weird coupe-ish, hatch-ish, SUV-ish thing.

The company has yet to release photos of the vehicle’s interior, but Honda says it’s a space where occupants can “enjoy intellectual exhilaration.” Honda further defines it as a clean and uncluttered digital dashboard with a mixture of calming lighting and scents.

“[T]he e:N2 Concept was designed to achieve unique driving pleasure, enabling the driver to enjoy a strong “sense of unity with the vehicle,” according to the release from Honda.

Like other e:N vehicles, the e:N2 will run on Honda’s dedicated e:N Architecture F platform that was developed specifically for this series of vehicles.