Continuing the tradition of Honda making shit that Torchy can't have (but I might actually be able to drive), there is a new concept for one of the N family of Honda kei cars: the N-One 'Natural' Concept. And it's spectacular.

I'm not typically a fan of the N-One shape. I know it's throwing design references to earlier Hondas (and I love me some classic Hondas, because, well, everyone knows I'm a total Honda fangirl), but I haven't liked most of the previous offerings. Especially in regular paint colors. I'd rather have the N/ or a N-Box Custom if I was going to go with an N family member. However, I love the exterial elements on the basic N-One shape.

I love the matte beige look with the subdued Honda emblems. I love the dog bowl wheels with painted covers matching the car. I love what looks like a mesh netting pocket on the back. I love the unpainted lips and side skirts. But most of all, I am in love with that vaguely cabriolet style cloth roof. And if the exterior does it for me, well... The interior has me swooning. Lovesick. Like dayum, girl, here's a box of chocolates and a Valentine's Day card from me to you.


No, that's not wood shaped plastic. That, my friends is ACTUAL wood. Because, you know, why the hell not?! I love it. I love the funky two tone cloth interior, and that looks like high grade upholstery, because the N-One Natural knows you two are going to have rough and tumble times, and any cloth needs to be tough. The automatic shifter is still in a place I hate, but that's the N family in general. Also, seriously, those pull-tab door handles. Awww, yissss. Oh, did I mention that the entire back can be laid down and the cargo area is also entirely wood?


This past week Honda demonstrated its concepts (including the camper concepts we previously covered), and here's the N-One Natural looking ready to hit the Kamakura coastline (some of the best surfing in the Tokyo area:

The want is strong, my friends. The want is strong.

Images via Honda.