Honda Motocompo Fits In Your Tiny Trunk!

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Tiny Japanese cars from the '70s and '80s are awesome, but can you really fit anything more than a small suitcase or a couple bento boxes in the back? Actually, yes. In fact, back in the '80s, Honda sold the City with a motorcycle in the rear hatch. How did it fit? It transformed!


Yes, the Honda Motocompo could transform by collapsing its handlebars into the seat. After that, it was small enough to be picked up by one person and fit snugly in the rear cargo area, with enough room left for a saxophone, a boombox, and all your tennis equipment. Of course, the City may not be very nimble all loaded down. As for the Motocompo, it had a 49cc two-stroke good for a top speed of about 30mph. Maybe Honda should sell the new Fit with a scooter — you know, since everyone's talking about gas prices and stuff.
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I built the Tamiya model of the City, circa 1985. It fathfully included the motocompo... I always think of the City/Motocompo combo when I see RVers with giant fifth wheels that disgorge ATVs and dirtbikes.