Honda Made The Gold Wing's Trunk Bigger Than Some Cars For 2021

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Honda has been evolving its Gold Wing motorcycle into a two-wheeled car since the bike was introduced in 1974. As it stands, this is probably as close to the perfect touring machine for two-up riding you can find on the market today. However, two people need two helmets, and the current Gold Wing trunk can’t fit two extra large helmets in it. For the 2021 model year, Honda is amending that particular oversight by increasing the capacity of the top case trunk to 61 liters, up from 50 liters.


Phew, that’s a relief.

With the trunk now expanded to 61 liters and each of the side cases holding an impressive 30 liters each, the updated Gold Wing will haul an impressive 121 liters, or 4.27 cubic feet of storage. There are some, though not many, cars with smaller trunks than that.

For example, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder (which is getting ready to exit the market this year) makes do with just 3.7 cubic feet of cargo space. The Audi R8 Spyder has 4 cubic feet. The smallest trunk I’ve ever heard of in a car was Ford’s 2005 analog supercar, the GT, which had just 1.6 cubic feet of space to hold your Pilotis and driving gloves, and that’s pretty much it.

Cars like Acura’s NSX and Mazda’s MX5 can hold just a little bit more stuff than the Gold Wing at 4.4 cubic feet and 4.48 cubic feet respectively. I think given the opportunity, I’d rather have the Gold Wing for a cross country jaunt than any of the cars listed here anyhow. Sure, it’s three separate trunks and not one continuous space, but if you pack right you can fit a ton of stuff in there.

Also added to the Gold Wing for the 2021 model year is upgraded 45-watt speakers, standard XM antenna, Android Auto integration, and new all-red rear turn signals. It’s still got a hefty price tag, however, starting at $23,900.

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The Gold Wing’s always been somewhat unappreciated as the “retired couple’s” touring bike, but the latest generation is flat-out fantastic, it even made me consider getting one for touring and I’m well south of fifty. Yeah, they’re big bikes, but so are the equivalent H-D and Indian baggers.  Plus, if you’re never leaving the pavement— and let’s face it, most BMW GS owners aren’t doing so— the GL makes so much more sense than the currently popular ADV-as-tourer fashion. The engine is as great as ever, but the re-worked front suspension is a revelation, no bike this big and comfy should be so agile.

The only real complaint that most every Gold Wing fan had was the redesign led to less luggage space than the previous generation, including the aforementioned benchmark of losing the helmet space. While personally I think it was overblown— anybody touring, particularly two-up, is going to want to use that precious space for luggage and not helmets anyway— it certainly was a factor keeping prior and potential owners from upgrading.

Welp, now Honda solved THAT problem!