Honda Made A Roomba For Your Lawn

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Look at it goooooooooooooooo!
Gif: Honda

As my husband and I shop for a house and my man insists that we need a yard of at least two acres that I have little interest in maintaining but like the sound of, I keep thinking how nice it would be to be able to have that beautiful yard without having to do anything myself. Honda’s Grass Miimo is the answer to all my problems.

This adorable little robot is basically a Roomba but for mowing the lawn. Like, I legitimately cannot get over how cute it is. It’s made all the better because it’s functional; it’s being listed as able to mow 43,055 sq ft, or just under an acre, and has been marketed as a way to help people with larger plots of land or orchards.

It is literally like a Roomba. Before you use it, you’ll need to set a boundary, which you do with an electric wire that can be buried. After that point, the Miimo can mow without a care in the world, bouncing off of obstacles and maneuvering around until the yard is clear. When it decides it’s running out of battery, it docks itself on its charging base and gets all juiced up for round two.


And yes, you can even schedule it to mow at certain times of the day. You can even set it to run through the night, since it’s electric and doesn’t make a ton of noise that will wake up your neighbors.

That being said, there are limitations. It can’t chop down heavy-duty grass over four inches tall. It can’t climb a hill over 25 degrees. The price of the newer version isn’t available, but the old one still costs $2,500. And I have to wonder how it would perform in adverse weather conditions, like in the rain or when it gets really hot.


You can submit your interest with Honda until April 17, but I have to imagine that this is going to be a Japanese-only product for its debut.