Honda Japan Thinks You Will Use Your Apple Watch To Connect To Your Car

Honda apparently thinks you absolutely, positively, desperately need to know at all times what the reading on your odometer is, or how far you just traveled, or what your cruising range is... And they’ve made an app for that. If you’re in Japan.

The app, which is available on iPhone as well as the new Apple Watch, comes in English and Japanese, and all the promotional material is in English, but the app is only available from the Japanese iTunes store. There are, of course, ways around that, but they usually require some kind of proof of connection to Japan. Even I haven’t yet downloaded the app—I have a US based account, not a Japanese one.


The promotional material states there are seven “Basic Functions” that the app has: cruising range (how long until you need to fill up), odometer, parking (I guess it uses Maps to help you locate parking and tells you how long it will take), a fuel efficiency score, another function which is similar to cruising range but tells you before you start driving (uh... so... it’s cruising range but with a different picture?), a timer which allows you to keep track of how long you have been away from the vehicle (for parking meter purposes apparently), and finally an arrival information function which tells you how long you drove for, the distance traveled, and what your average fuel economy was.

The future is here... I guess? But do we actually need this future yet? Maybe the future belongs in... uh... the future?


Images via Honda Motor Co.

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