Honda Exec Hints That 'Baby NSX' Might Be A Real Actual Thing

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Remember those very strange mid-engined Honda sports car patent images we previously covered? Yeah, well, apparently that might be a real thing to be slotted between the currently Japan-only S660 and the new Acura NSX. So, is it a successor to the S2000 as we know it, or something else?

AutoGuide cites John Mendel, executive vice president for Honda in America as hinting that such a thing could actually exist:

“I can’t tell you anything about the ‘baby NSX’ … I could, but I’d probably get fired.”

....Recently uncovered patent illustrations seem to indicate that Honda is developing something that looks like a shrunken version of its new NSX supercar. Or not. We really don’t know.

But we’re pretty certain Mendel does and the fact that he even acknowledged this car speaks volumes.


It seems like AutoGuide’s speculation is really hinging here on Mendel’s use of “the,” which implies that a “baby NSX” actually does exist, but he can’t say anything about it. If he had used the indefinite particle, “I can’t tell you anything about a ‘baby NSX’,” well then, that would be a horse... er... sports car of a different (and probably entirely imaginary) color. This is why I always tell my students, yes, the choice of definite article versus indefinite article matters!

Mendel also reportedly told AutoGuide that “absolutely there is” room in Honda’s line up for another enthusiast oriented model which might indicate that even if a “baby NSX” isn’t actually in the works... well.. something probably is.


But, hey, we don’t really know. Isn’t speculation fun?