Illustration for article titled Honda Creates Giant Transforming Ridgeline Rocketship for the Rose Bowl

On January 1, a giant Honda Ridgeline will rise from a bed of flowers in a cloud of mist. Then, under the guidance of ASIMO - Honda's walking robot - it will transform into a rocket ship and blast off for the stars. During lift off, the truck's hood will fold forward, revealing an ASIMO containing cockpit, while the sides of the truck fold into wings, the wheels tuck under the body and the bed opens to reveal rocket engines shooting actual fire.


This implausible scenario will be acted out during the 119th Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.

The Ridgeline is mostly made from yellow starflower with accents made from red carnations and silver leaf standing in for the chrome. After the parade, the float will be ground up and used for mulch. [Source: Honda]

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