Honda CR-Z Gets Mild Update And Now It Looks Like A Weird Super Mario 2 Boss

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Honda has taken their CR-Z sporty-ish(?)/hybrid coupé and given it a mild facelift, with the hopes of taking it from selling like hotcakes that have been urinated on by a dog to selling like hotcakes that have hardly any urine on them at all. And, from what we can tell, the design inspiration came from a Nintendo game.

Very little about the car has actually changed save for some trim levels and minor equipment changes, but the most noticable change is in the new front bumper/grille/fascia design, which seems to be modeled after Birdo, one of the bosses in the 1988 Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros 2.


“The new drooping snout, confused eyes, and gaping, possibly egg-ejecting mouth-hole/cloaca are all design elements inspired by the great creature, Birdo,” says Honda Hybrid Division Chief Stylist Nobu Notaktualman.

“We felt saavy sporty-hybrid consumers wanted to be reminded of the pink, gender-fluid thing that sort of looked like a Q*Bert fucked a parrot,” Notaktualman continued, taking a long swig out of a bottle of Woolite.


“I mean, who gives a shit, right? Nothing matters.” Notaktualman then began to laugh, and, based on the sound of a sharp bang and footsteps, dropped the phone and walked off.

Great work, Honda!


(Thanks to Patrick, who first noticed the similarity!)

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