Homocidal Maniacs Unite! The Minicamino!

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We're not sure how this one's gonna fly with the Mini cogniscenti, given that Wert has literally received death threats on his voicemail over his recent video escapade. Literally. Like, they tracked down his phone number and shit. And made, like, death threats. That's how dedicated and/or psychotic these people are. Even the disgruntled vanners — who are mostly from New Jersey — just e-mailed to say that vannin' wasn't dead while imploring us to keep on vannin'.

Sure, why not? We'll keep on vannin', but we're kinda glad that back when we were pricing Minis, they were stupid-high over sticker, forcing us into Dodgedom. After all, we've got enough ex-girlfriends to keep us stocked with psycho horror stories without throwing fellow marque-owners into the mix. Anyway, reader Nathanael sent us this tip on the But the 2006 Castagna Mini CrossUP, which is basically a King-Cab Minicamino. Phasers on kill yet, Mini-cadets?


2006 Castagna Mini CrossUP [Supercars.net]

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