Homer Simpson Finds A Morgan 3-Wheeler In His Garage And Jay Leno Appears

(Image: Fox)

In the latest episode of The Simpsons Homer finds a Morgan 3-Wheeler in his garage because after 27 seasons, who even cares anymore. Enjoy musical number “Chubby Dude In A Tiny Car” and a guest appearance by Jay Leno. Yeah, go ahead and watch it here! Not still at work, are you?

That minute-long clip pretty much hits the high notes as far as “car scenes” go but if you want to watch the whole episode you can see it on Fox’s website for free by logging in with your cable provider credentials or as a “free preview” of the service if you’re like me and are too cheap to pay for television.


Or you can probably stream it from some sketchy Eastern European-looking site by Googling “watch the Simpsons,” but I couldn’t condone such behavior.

(Image: Fox)

Anyway the plot progresses when Leno says to Homer; “I was just passing in my 1973 Citroen DS Pallas when I saw that classic Morgan with the original wood dash interior, man I’d like to buy it!” But Leno’s better line comes later when he comes back and has an epiphany; “I just bought this new Toyota, I can drive it all the way to the store and make it all the way back! It doesn’t break down once!”

What novelty!

Anyway that’s pretty much the best scene, apart from Homer announcing “fortune favors the bald” after emerging from the Morgan which I’m sure real-life Morgan owner Alex Roy will appreciate and start reciting.

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