Holy Shit Jaguar's 596 Horsepower 200 MPH XE Costs $192,000 (Updated)

Images: Jaguar

The Jaguar XE is a pretty good, competitively priced compact sedan. Give it to Jag’s Special Vehicle Operations and you get a limited edition 600 horsepower compact sedan that costs a whopping $192,200.


If you want to reawaken an aging model and make it relevant again, you might go and throw in a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 with 596 horsepower that can reach 200 mph, making it the most powerful production vehicle Jaguar has ever produced. I’m not saying that was Jaguar’s reasoning for developing the new XE SV Project 8, but it sounded good.

Jaguar was so excited about the XE SV Project 8 that they announced that it was the pushiest car they’ve ever made with a tease last month, and now we get to see the whole enchilada.


Once you swallow the near-$200,000 price tag for a compact sedan, you might like to know the SV Project 8 is getting a production run of 300 cars, built out of the brand new Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Technical Center.

It will be available to order worldwide in two guises; one is a four seat version—which I’ll warn may not feel quite like a $200,000 car. North America is stuck with that one. The rest of the world has the option of ordering a two seat Track Pack.


Jaguar claims its peppy compact sedan can reach 60 mph in around 3.3 seconds, utilizing an all-wheel drive system and some considerable cosmetic changes to the standard model. It’s also the first Jaguar with a specific Track Mode. The XE’s aluminum body panels were already a bonus, but it will also come with aluminum 20-inch wheels, an adjustable front splitter, adjustable rear wing, and a carbon fiber rear bumper.

Other goodies include F1-inspired silicon nitride ceramic wheel bearings, a new carbon ceramic braking system, adjustable dampers, AND A DAMN PISTOL GRIP SHIFTER giving you cowboy control of the 8-speed transmission (there are also paddles, if you are not a cowboy). The track packaged car will be running at Goodwood on Friday, June 30.


A $192,200 compact sedan is the most powerful Jaguar ever made. What a world.

Update: A Jaguar spokeswoman says U.S. pricing has not been finalized, but it will cost “a lot less than that.” Pricing in this story was based on a conversion from British pounds.


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