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Holy Shit: Dyno Test Shows 2016 Camaro SS Makes More Power Than A Corvette

Illustration for article titled Holy Shit: Dyno Test Shows 2016 Camaro SS Makes More Power Than A Corvette

The in-house competition at Chevrolet between the Camaro SS and the Corvette C7 just heated up with a recent dyno test of the SS putting more horsepower down at the rear wheels over its not-so-superior sibling.

Hennessey Performance uploaded a dyno test of the 2016 Chevy Camaro SS to their YouTube channel, with the car laying down an impressive 431 rwhp (rear-wheel horsepower) and 427 rear-wheel lb-ft of torque, from an advertised 455 hp at the motor.


Hennessey is reporting dyno figures of the Chevrolet Corvette C7 around 410 rwhp on a stock model with a manual. Compared to the stock model manual SS they tested, the winner is the $40,000 pony car.


This dyno test on YouTube from High Tech Corvette rated the tested stock C7 at only 402 rwhp.

It looks like the Corvette came home to find its little brother had been hitting the gym and boasting major gains. There’s only one thing left to do..

Race them!


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Now just scale the Camaro down to 85% of the size it is now, which will help it drop about 350lbs no problem, then it will be a GOOD all around car. I don’t want to drive a boat with the beltline of a 85 year old man.