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Some people are lovable despite their certifiable nature. Case in point โ€” a musician we know recently pitched a ridiculous fit, throwing chairs, spitting at people, and threatened to move to the Lone Star State. We're slightly scared of the guy, but he's generally been quite nice to us. Not that niceness is always the way to our heart, but we're talking total package here. Here, then is another insane man that we adore, although we have never met him, and nor do we know if he has a penchant for launching expectorate at folks during moments of duress: his name is Pierre Scerri, and he has spent the last decade and a half building an exact working 1/3-scale replica of a Ferrari 312PB prototype.

He learned to work glass to make the headlights. He even constructed the freaking battery. Even the miniturized key is the correct pattern. The line between obsession, madness and genius is a thin one, and the maladies/attributes often blend together. But this? This shit is genius, no matter how nuts or Scerri the guy may be in real life. [Thanks to Steve for the tip.]


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