Holy Moly Here's A Jeep CJ-5 Made Almost Entirely Of Wood

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Jeep’s Grand Wagoneer from the 1980s and early ‘90s got the nickname “woody” for its vinyl faux-wood side panels, but this awesome Willys CJ-5 is the real woody. The whole body and interior are made of real, actual wood!

I found out about this Jeep from Road and Track, but they unfortunately don’t know much about its origins, just that it had been posted to the Woodworking Enthusiasts Facebook page.

The license plate does say 1960, meaning this is probably technically not a Jeep CJ-5, but a Willys CJ-5, and it probably has an F-Head 2.2-liter “Hurricane” inline four mated to a T-90 three-speed manual and a Dana-18 transfer case.

All the mechanical bits seem to be there, so it probably runs and drives. I just wonder how the wooden body is held to that frame. Hopefully there’s some sort of attachment scheme that won’t crack the wood anytime the frame flexes over bumps.


The good thing is that the driver won’t have to worry about rust. Just keep the wood finished and termites away, and this thing should hold up fine.

I want it badly.

UPDATE: I just got an email with a link to even more wooden SUV goodness. Check it out!

h/t: Road and Track

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