Holy Crap You Can Put Audi R8 V10 Wheels On Everything

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Do you have an Audi A4? Perhaps you have a Seat Alhambra, or a VW Eos? What about a Skoda Octavia taxi cab? Congrats! Your car can get the wheels from an R8 V10.


As it turns out, the googley-woogley wheels you could get on an Audi R8 V10 fit what appears to be the vast majority of the Volkswagen Auto Group's catalog since the mid 2000s, or the mid '90s if you restrict yourself to Audi.

Here's a short list from this eBay listing advertising a set of the wheels.

AUDI A3 03> ( all 5x112 models )

AUDI S3 03> ( all 5x112 models )

AUDI A4 ( all models )

AUDI A6 ( all models )

AUDI A8 ( all models )

AUDI TT 06 > ( all 5x112 models )

FORD GALAXY ( all 5x112 models )

SEAT ALHAMBRA ( all models )

SEAT ALTEA ( all models )

SEAT EXEO ( all models )

SEAT LEON MK2 ( all 5x112 models )

SEAT TOLEDO 04> ( all models )

SKODA OCTAVIA 04 > ( all models )

SKODA SUPERB ( all models )

SKODA YETI ( all models )

VW CADDY 2003 ONWARDS ( all models )

VW EOS ( all models )

VW GOLF MK5 ( all models )

VW GOLF MK6 ( all models )

VW JETTA 06> ( all 5x112 models )

VW PASSAT ( all 5x112 models )

VW PHAETON ( all models )

VW SCIROCCO 08> ( all models )

VW TIGUAN ( all models )

VW TOURAN ( all models )

VW TRANSPORTER T4 ( all models )

I first stumbled onto this happy bit off VW mass engineering when reader Mikeado posted this picture of a goddamn Skoda Octavia taxi cab riding on supercar wheels.

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Here's his comment.

No one particular car stands out to me here in Swansea, but if we can include taxis then the official car is the Škoda Octavia. The vast majority of taxis around here are Škodas, primarily Octavias but increasingly Rapids as well, presumably as the Octavias become knackered by continuous taxi-driver abuse (seriously, I've used them once and the driver seemed to think the clutch pedal was a switch...). Of course they're all diesels too, because torque and perceived frugality.

Here's one I spotted rolling on R8 V10 wheels.

Ok, so my mind is thoroughly blown. Have you ever seen anything bizarre riding on R8 V10 wheels, and more importantly what would you want to see with 'em?


Photo Credit: Mikeado



Yeah, but the best mismatch is Volvo and Ferrari. They (unknowingly?) shared the same bolt pattern and offsets for decades (60s through early 90s)...