Holy Crap Watch This Plane Crash Into A Car On The Highway

Screenshot: YouTube

It’s not often I want to listen in on anyone’s calls to the insurance company, but I suspect this one would have to be pretty good. “A what hit you? On the 580? On the road?”


I bet it went something like that, because when an airplane hits your car while you’re driving it’s never easy to explain. But that’s what happened to this hapless Lexus IS driver yesterday, on Highway 580 by Livermore, California.

I’m not sure it makes sense to use the word “luckily” here, but the crash was let’s say surprisingly caught by a passing motorist, which is why we can watch this bizarre event happen:

The dude filming seems both shocked and maybe a little thrilled to have captured it all on video, and we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that immediately after filming he expressed concern for everyone involved and took appropriate steps or whatever.


Thankfully and incredibly, nobody was injured.

It appears that the pilot, Josh Redsun, who was flying with his father, lost power during takeoff from Livermore Municipal Airport. The I-580 overpass was close by, and Redsun managed to get the single-engine Mooney M20E aircraft to 500 feet before gliding it down to a landing on the overpass.

While landing, the plane impacted the white Lexus, which pushed it along the road for a bit as it came to a stop, which is what we see in the video.

A local news reporter was nearby and tweeted video of the aftermath:


One interesting visual note: in the video, the plane’s wing is casting a shadow on the Lexus, and it looks like a grayscale stripe kit:

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Screenshot: YouTube

..and it works! They should offer rakish plane-wing-shadow-inspired stripe kits like that for the IS.

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Did the plane crash into the car or did the car crash into the plane?