Holy Crap: Tiny Buggy Hip-Checks A Trophy Truck Into Oblivion Mid-Race

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How freaking fierce is this 2015 Mint 400 crash!? A Class 1 buggy came off a big bump right next to the Vest Racing trophy truck, slamming it with just the right force and angle to send it careening into next week. Photog Eric Minks was perfectly positioned to shoot a whole roll of the action.


Minks' company SnM Media takes amazing pictures at off-road events all over the place and nailed some great ones at last week's Mint 400 outside Las Vegas. Don't click here unless you want to get sucked in to a glorious gallery of off-road racing for the rest of your night. If you can't resist, scroll a ways down to see this whole crash captured up close from start to finish.


There's video too, but so far this is the only recording I've been able to find. Not the best, but it captures the insanity of the accident:

The Vest Racing team is based out of Molalla, Oregon and I'm happy to report pilots Troy and Geno walked away from this wreck unscathed. As for their truck, the team's Facebook page says: "A arms bent, trailing arms destroyed, fuel cell ruined, tranny broken, frame damaged and not a piece of undamaged fiberglass left."

Here's a picture of the broken beast after it was recovered.

Photo by Eric Minks. Check out more of his stuff right here or drop him a line and have him shoot your team in action!


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Thanks linking the photographers website. Found more pictures from Vegas To Reno and finally found the picture I was looking for. I knew I gave at least 1 photographer a thumbs up as a rode by.