Holy Crap This Storm Was So Strong It Blew A Train Straight Off A Bridge

An incredibly powerful storm just blew through Louisiana, bringing not only heavy rain and clouds so thick they turned day into night, but also monstrously powerful winds. Winds so powerful, they blew a freight train clear off a bridge, sending shipping containers careening down below.

No one was injured by the tumbling train, according to WGNO, which captured the footage, and nothing hazardous was inside. But, holy crap. Someone could’ve died or been seriously injured extremely easily.


Tornado warnings were issued, and sightings of twisters have been reported. But even without tornadoes, this storm is nuts. A gust of wind was clocked at 111 MPH in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner, Louisiana. And you can see how quickly it turned day into night in Baton Rouge:

We’ll keep you updated with more when we have it.

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