Holy Crap This 14-Point Turn On A Cliffside Is Amazing And Terrifying

This may be the worst, most unforgiving place to have to turn around but damn, this driver pulled it off

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Screenshot: YouTube

We’ve all made 3-point turns, right? Of course we have. Sometimes, we’ve done four, or five, or maybe even the occasional and slightly embarrassing six-point turn. I bet, though, all of these complicated, slow, car-direction-flipping maneuvers have happened on streets where there was, say, minimal chance of falling to your death. That’s not the case in this video that shows a minivan driver performing an alarmingly dangerous and complicated 14-point turn. Maybe 13 points? 20? It’s sorta tricky to count.

It’s not clear if this Baojun 360 (though it looks like the owner added some Wuling badging to it, which tracks, as it’s part of the SAIC-GM-Wuling family) driver was just showing off their mad skills, or if this was actually a needed maneuver; regardless, the act happened, and was thankfully recorded so you could be impressed by it, too:

Holy crap, right? How many of us would have just come to the end of that road and either nervously attempted to reverse until we found a better turn-around point, or just started a new life at the end of that road?


Would any of you have thought that maybe a better plan would be to position that van within inches of plummeting off that cliffside a dozen or so times? I’m guessing not.

This likely takes lots of practice to do well, though the nature of a maneuver like this is that it’s not like you really get to practice and learn from failures; once you start something like this on a road like that, you either have to pull it off, or your day is very, very ruined.

If the driver had passengers, do you think they were asked to leave? Or, maybe they just volunteered to, you know, watch from outside?

The caption at the start just says, basically, “narrow road turn-around” which is accurate, but doesn’t really add much depth to the story.

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Screenshot: YouTube

Man, look how little of that tire is in contact with the ground there. Oy.

This is absurd and impressive all at once. Good work, you skillful loon.

Now I guess we just wait until people start posting that video of Austin Powers on that little electric cart in that hallway.