5th Gear: Expect Colorful Brakes To Spread Beyond Sports Cars

You know those brake calipers that your buddy decided to rattle-can red so his V6 Mustang would look “exactly like a Ferrari, bro”? Well, according to the Detroit Free Press, you can expect the painted caliper treatment to spread beyond just sporty applications, with the news site writing:

High-fashion brake calipers will be one of the next frontiers in automotive design, as big, low-profile tires and open-faced wheels grow more common, and Brembo is working to get there first.


The story goes on, saying:

For years, bright-red Brembo calipers were a badge of honor for performance cars. Now automakers are using them for more targeted purposes. For instance, Porsche wants lime green calipers for its hybrids.


According to the story, Brembo already offers over 100 colorful brake calipers, which the company’s North American CEO referred to as “jewelry for your car.”

Right now, most cars still have gray brake calipers, with only sporty or high-end luxury models showing a bit of color behind those wheel spokes. Whether this will change, and we’ll start to see bright calipers on pickup trucks and regular run-of-the-mill sedans (assuming those still exist in the future), we’ll just have to wait and see .


Reverse: Akiro Toyoda, President Of Toyota Motor Corporation, Is Born

From Toyota:

Mr. Toyoda’s career has included postings in every phase of automotive operations, including production, marketing and product development, both in Japan and internationally. Outside Japan, he served as an executive vice president and board member at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), Toyota’s production joint venture with General Motors in California, starting in April 1998.


In June 2003, Mr. Toyoda was made a senior managing director (this title was changed to senior managing officer as of June 2011), and in January 2005, he became chief officer of both the China Operations Group and the Asia, Oceania & Middle East Operations Group. In June 2005, he became an executive vice president and a representative director, where he was responsible for IT & ITS, quality, product management, purchasing, Japan and overseas sales, and overseas operations. In June 2009, Mr. Toyoda became president of TMC.


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