Holy Crap, It's A Baja Rolls-Royce

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Rolls-Royces always seem sort of untouchable. If you see one, it's usually immaculate and maintained in a standard fitting its absurdly highbrow image. Not always, though.


No, sometimes it's way, way better than that, like this Baja'd-out Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow spotted by readers Jenny and Jacob. A quick Google search reveals that this jacked-up, off-roadable mass of British leather and hand-selected wood inlay has been spotted before, tearing up the desert in smooth, refined comfort.

The Silver Shadow is probably the most commonly seen Rolls-Royce, even though they haven't been handcrafted by tweedy old men since 1980. They're also the only Roller I've ever seen in a junkyard and in bad repair, so it's not too shocking to see one turned into a Baja runner. Still, it's shocking enough, and I suspect in the right circles the clatter of popped monocles would be deafening.

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Also: picture the Spirit of Ecstasy caked in mud.

This one is particularly nice, with a novel dual spare tire treatment and some lovingly baroque handcrafted bumpers. There's a full cage in thereI doubt the drivetrain is Rolls-Royce anymore. My guess would be some manner of GM 4x4 truck chassis and engine, though it's tricky to tell for sure from the pictures.

The real question I'd have is if the back-seat bar is still intact. I bet it is.


"In 100 old boy, right 5, softly cascading into a left 6, tightening its grip to a left 2."

"Jolly good."

"50 my good man, left 6 becoming a gentlemans 5"


"200 indubitably, left 5 bounding over crest, i say, left 5 mate."

"It seems you have given me incorrect directions, chap."

"Oh bother."