Holy Crap! Hawaii Five-O Theme Song Lyrics

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We love us some Don Ho, but we're a bit crestfallen to find out that not only were there lyrics penned to the greatest instrumental television theme song of all time, but they had nothing to do with McGarrett's hair or the fact that Herman Wedemeyer and one of Los Jalops are both graduates of Saint Mary's college of California. Instead, they are as follows:

"If you're feelin' lonely/You can come with me/Feel my arms around you/Lay beside the seaaaaaa/We will think of somethin' to do/Do it til it's perfect for you/And for me too/You can come with meeeee./So leave your world behind you/You can come with me/Sing a song I'll teach you/Live your fantasyyyyyyy/Love ya in a natural way/Doesn't matter what time of day/You and I play/You can come with meeeee/Won'tcha come with meeee/You can come with meeee."


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