Holy Crap Check Out This Guy Going Berserk on an Airline Flight From Australia to Singapore

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I know flying is often a frustrating experience, at least if you allow yourself to forget that you live in a magical age where you can soar through the skies at nearly the speed of sound while playing a video game in one hand and shoving Combos into your mouth with the other, but there’s really no good reason anyone on a flight should turn into a fist-throwing rage-moron like this guy did on a Scoot Airlines flight TR7 from Australia’s Gold Coast to Singapore.


The pilot was forced to divert the Boeing 787 Dreamliner—a plane whose large windows sure help to illuminate the crazed jackass going batshit in the plane—after just two hours and land in Sydney.

A passenger on the plane, Rico David Garilli, was able to video the whole fracas and post it to Facebook:

Here’s how Garilli described the scene:

After our flight was announced delayed, this guy started drinking heavy. About 20 minutes into the flight he started becoming aggressive and had to be restrained after all of this kicked off. 2 hours into the flight from Gold Coast to Singapore and they turn around and head for Sydney 😂

Props to the guys at the end who took him down.

Passengers were eventually routed to other flights to Singapore, either on Scoot or Singapore air. Paramedics and Australian Federal Police were waiting to apprehend the plane-brawler, though at this time no official charges have been filed.

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This idiot should be required to compensate all passengers for the inconvenience, compensate the airline for fuel and related costs and be put on a “You make bad decisions and can no longer fly” list.