Hold Onto Your Hats, Here’s How Volkswagen Might ‘Spice Up’ The Passat!

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The Volkswagen Passat is definitely a car you can buy right now! It has many impressive features, like how it comes with four tires and has seats inside. But if you think that’s exciting, wait until you hear how Volkswagen might kick this sedan into “high gear”!


Motor Authority reports VW is “toying with the idea of a more sport-oriented model intended to resonate with enthusiasts.” You just know that merry madcap bunch of speed freaks is clamoring for a Passat with a bit more pep in its step!

Here’s how VW might make a Passat that the go-fast crowd is “hip” to:

The automaker’s increasingly autonomous North American region showed us an internal concept being housed at its Chattanooga, Tennessee development center earlier this week.

Although we agreed not to take photos inside of VW’s facility, we can describe what we saw: a white Passat with black mirrors, a black-painted roof, a black lip spoiler on its deck lid, black badging, revised tail lamps and red accents on its fascia and brake calipers. Those hints of bright red, which serve as a visual link to the vaunted GTI, were repeated around the interior’s air vents. A black headliner and carbon fiber-esque interior trim completed the look.


You hear that? Black badges, red accents and fake carbon fiber inside your Passat!

What a time to be alive in America.

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