Hmm. What’s the right caption for this image? It is “What did you do with your weekend?” Nah, that’s too generic. What about “An AMC 360 V8 engine rises from a Golden Eagle like a phoenix.” No, I can’t have two birds in one simile—I think there’s a law on that somewhere.

Instead, I’ll just say that the 1979 Jeep Cherokee Golden Eagle that I’ve been neglecting for two years is finally getting the love it deserves. The engine, whose passenger’s side cylinder head I initially removed to extract a broken exhaust bolt, is getting some sort of rebuild after I discovered a fairly tall ridge and what looked like scored cylinder walls. More on this later. For now, gander at the image above, and find wrenching inspiration in the fact that someone as foolish as I removed the motor on his own in his driveway in 45 degree weather, and it wasn’t difficult at all. So, whatever you’ve got to mend on your car, just know: You Can Do It!

Happy Monday.

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Tim Farrell

So is that the 2020 MOAB project or is it another?