Historic Targa Florio Pit Buildings In Danger Of Destruction

New public works projects would see the remains of the Italian track torn down

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Giuseppe Campari in Alfa Romeo RL, entry No. 33 at Targa Florio on 27 April 1924
Giuseppe Campari in Alfa Romeo RL, entry No. 33 at Targa Florio on 27 April 1924
Image: Wikimedia Commons

The remains of the historic Targa Florio circuit are currently at rick of destruction as a result of a large public works project in Sicily, Italy. The remaining pit lane and grandstand section would be torn down to make way for a railway, roundabout, and viaduct.

Here’s a little more from Italian publication ANSA, translated into English:

A viaduct and a roundabout could change the face of the area called Floriopoli, which includes the pits, the grandstands, the timekeepers tower of the Targa Florio road circuit, the oldest car race in the world, born in 1906 at the behest of Vincenzo Florio and again in the sports calendar with the rally and the edition for historic cars.

The plan alarms some mayors of the Madonie, who rely heavily on the integrity of the circuit for the revival of the tourist economy of the area and fear that the project will erase a piece of history. The new infrastructures are foreseen as part of the project on doubling the Palermo-Catania-Messina railway, whose approval procedures have accelerated with the Pnrr and the Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (Pniec).


Basically, local lawmakers are concerned that destroying the remaining Targa Florio structures will not only mar the history of the region but would also be detrimental to the tourist economy bolstered by the track’s history.

As a racing fan myself, it is disheartening to see the remains of another track in line to be destroyed. The endurance race was founded in 1906, making it the oldest sportscar endurance race in history and giving it a legacy that predates the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Mille Miglia, and even the Indianapolis 500.


A proposal on Change.org as proposed by the Cultural Association Amici Della Targa Florio is currently asking Sicilian regional politicians to reconsider the destruction of the track buildings in order to preserve the unique cultural and sporting history of Sicily.