Highway Thieves in Italy Block Police With Burning Trucks, Peel Open Van With Backhoe, Get Away With $2.6 Million

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Thieves in Italy managed to get away with over $2 million after orchestrating an absurd, Fast and Furious-esque heist involving burning semi-trucks and backhoes ripping the roof off an armored van, Reuters and a number of Italian news sites write. Here’s a look at what reportedly happened in this wild Italian Job.

The security van, shown in Italian news station Tele Sveva’s video below with its lid peeled off, had apparently just left Bari, a city in southeast Italy, carrying pensions to Matera about 40 miles southwest, Italian daily newspaper La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno reports.

Translated from Italian, the news site says that the commando that made away with the loot consisted of “at least four to five people, masked and armed with submachine guns.”

The news site describes the robbery of what is initially suspected to be about $2.6 million, writing:

According to what has been learned, the robbers had long ago positioned along the road near the place of the ambush the bulldozers that were used to break through the armored vehicle inside which three security guards were in service. None of them was wounded. The bulldozers that have not been in the eye because on this stretch of road work is being done on the roadway. The robbers also burned two heavy vehicles along the road to block the roadway and protect the escape.


Other Italian news outlets have reported that the bounty could have been closer to $1.7 million. In any case, there are no reports that anyone was severely hurt in this wild robbery involving guns, burning trucks, and an armored van being peeled open like a tuna can. So at least there’s that.