Highly Precise Art: BMW Art Car Videos


What do David Hockney, Richard Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol all have in common? No, not the same venereal disease. At one time or another each artist arted up a BMW. While not nearly as cool the Hire Films the TTAC averse Bavarians tax wrote off underwrote a couple years back, there is a certain je ne sais what in the fuck?!? to these clips that is undeniable. Follow the link for all fourteen, uh, works.


14 of 16 BMW Art Car Clips [Frantic Scratchings]


LA Stunt Double

Ok, so some of them are odd looking, but I have loved that 1975 Calder BMW since I was a little kid. It makes me want to go buy an old white 320i like I had years ago and paint my own Calderesque version.