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This past March, a Ferrari 458 Spider crashed in China, killing one and injuring two other people in the car. It even caused Chinese censors to restrict internet searches for the word "Ferrari."


Speculation at the time was that it involved a son of a member of Communist Party leadership. But now, news leaks from China are saying that the incident involved a lot of nudity and high speed sex games.

The accident, which occurred on March 18th, claimed the life of one person. Leaks from Beijing are now saying that the man was Ling Gu, the son of a longtime aide to Chinese President Hu Jintao. There was very little coverage of the crash in the Chinese media, as the people of the country would be enraged by yet another account of excess by the ruling class.

In addition, reports are also stating that Ling Gu and his two female passengers were at least partially naked when the 458 Spider crashed. There is speculation that they may have been participating in some sort of dangerous high speed sex game.


The result was one dead and two injured. While there are no official confirmations that Ling Gu was the one killed, various people familiar with him say that haven't seen him since March, when the accident occurred.

Photo Credit: CPB

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