Hey What Happens When You Put Straight Pipes On A Volvo 940?

Life with a straight-piped Volvo 940: terrible. Wonderfully terrible.

I'm not going to say that this thing appears to be a good car, but I will say with a loud exhaust plus rear-wheel drive plus a field serving as an impromptu race course it does appear to be the very best kind of bad car.


Ike B

1) Oh c'mon. I've done that like 100 times in my old Volvos. I'll never forget the pain of driving one when the exhaust fell off the downpipe halfway home. Open downpipe right under the passenger floorboard is f'ing deafening.

2) That said, something I learned after taking a nearly-open-exhaust Volvo redblock and adding a turbo to it is turbochargers really quiet up and smooth out an exhaust a lot. It's an amazing transformation, even before it doubles your horsepower. It took my old Volvo's rumbling agricultural menace and made it sound like a coolly purturbed puma. Half as loud, double the power.

There's a reason Dodge could get away with the SRT4 Neon having no mufflers whatsoever, and it's the magic of that turbine housing.

BTW if you do any of this, anybody in a backwards hat is going to race you at every stoplight. I don't care if that guy is driving a damn bread van, the moment you even lightly roll onto the throttle, that guy is going to act like the tree just dropped.