Hey Peugeot, Shatner Wants his Holodeck Back

It's not that easy, Peugeot. You can't just take the Captain's Holodeck, rename it the Holobench and not expect everyone to see right through you. Holobench is just one part of the Peugeot-Citroen virtual reality system designed to assist in all aspects of manufacturing and vehicular design for the French automaker.

The Cave is the first part of the system, and is probably the most fun. It is a large visualization system that includes a seating buck, or a driving console. In the most common configuration, a person will sit on the seating buck, which can be constructed to emulate any style of seating arrangement, and interact inside of the car through virtual reality. Everything from adjusting the virtual mirrors and scratching your real ass can be done while in the Cave, which has no relation to Batman.


The second part of the system is a stereoscopic CADwall projection system that uses virtual reality to allow designers, engineers to see a 3D model of the French vehicle and eventually replace all real models. This robust feature allows any design issues to be addressed quickly and easily without needing a real model.

The Holobench, which Shatner is still cursing Peugeot about, could the most beneficial function of this virtual reality system. This Holobench takes the stereoscopic CADwall to the next level by allowing engineers and designers to modify, build and adjust the Peugeot (or Citroen) virtually.

The entire aim of the project is to increase overall efficiency and remain competitive amongst other countries that can pay its employees low wages to do the same amount of work the pompous French employees from Peugeot do. Peugeot is really milking the whole "this is the future," as made apparent by this cheesy futuristic-feeling video demonstration. Whatevs — we still want one for our living room. [PSA Peugeot]

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