Heroic Tunachuckers Perform Amazon Engine Swap In 90 Minutes, Back In Race!

Last year's LeMons South Index Of Effluency Winners, the Tunachuckers '66 Volvo Amazon team, had to come off the track just before the People's Curse began. Things looked bad: seized engine!

We all know the Volvo B18 is extremely tough, but an original 300,000 mile engine that last saw a wrench in Göteborg, 1966, can't be expected to last forever. Spun main bearing, R.I.P. B18. But unlike the winners of our Lost The Will To Live Trophy (a loaf of gas-station-purchased white bread, given to the team that didn't even try to find a new engine for their V6 Fox Mustang after it blew yesterday morning. Boooooooooo!), the Tunachuckers didn't throw in the towel! Hell no, they dragged a crusty old B18 long block out of their parts stash and performed a staggeringly fast engine swap... and now they're racing again. That's what we like to see!


Meanwhile, we've just had a lengthy break in the penalty box, as the Kudzu Kommandos' BMW E30 managed to catch on fire in a big way and forced the evacuation of the track while the firemen did their thing. The driver was fine, but the Kudzumobile was completely toast. Bright side: now they can start shopping for a nice E24 to run in the 24 Hours Of LeMons South Fall!

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