Randy Tompkins seems to be the kind of person most of us like to imagine ourselves to be in self-aggrandizing daydreams we don’t tell anyone about. On Friday, in Dixon, Illinois, Tompkins jumped through the open window of a moving car to potentially save someone’s life. And it’s all on video.

Here’s video from the dashcam of the Dixon Police car that was following the seizing driver:

At 0:23 you can see Tompkins’ F-150 reversing to get out of the path of the Volkswagen Passat that had crossed into oncoming traffic and was heading toward him. According to a statement from Dixon Police, Tompkins

“...could see the driver of the car and observed that something looked medically wrong. The driver of the truck... ran up to the car and without hesitation jumped into the car through the passenger side window in an attempt to stop it.

Tompkins was able to get the car in park just as officers approached the vehicle...”


Tompkins later posted his own comment on Facebook, still seemingly a bit in awe of what he actually just did:

I think I can see why his adrenaline would still be going. That’s some remarkably quick thinking and selfless action, there. Good job, Randy.

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