Here's Your First Look At Clarkson, Hammond and May's The Grand Tour

Here it is, your first view from the hotly anticipated upcoming show The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.


Clarkson uploaded this photo to his Facebook page yesterday after wrapping up filming the first episode.

Additionally, two more photos were uploaded to The Grand Tour’s Facebook page.

Last month, we reported on the show’s format, how both the cast and the studio will travel across the world in a big tent. The first location was in Johannesburg, South Africa.


This is way more elaborate than anything I imagined when I heard the word “tent.” There’s a raised and illuminated platform in there, for crying out loud. There are studio lights. It looks comfortable! Clean! If I knew traveling about in a tent could look this good, I might actually consider it for once.


You’ll be able to catch The Grand Tour on Amazon in the fall.

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