Here's Your Chance To Rule The Street With A Road Legal Chevy S10 That Runs 5s

If you’ve ever felt the desire to absolutely blow the doors off the fastest hypercars available on the market today with a street legal 1990s Chevy S10 drag truck, then you’re in luck. Larson Race Cars is selling its famous race truck that has earned a reputation in street-legal drag racing competitions.


This was the first vehicle to ever run 5s with license plates, and is currently said to be capable of running 5.70s in the quarter mile and an astonishing 3.90s in the eighth mile. They also claim it is the only street plated car to ever qualify #1 and win an NHRA national event. Yeah, this machine owns.

In a Facebook post this week, the Missouri-based hot rod shop confirmed the full specifications of the race truck, which includes a 620 cubic inch Brodix block and a pair of 98mm (!!!) Precision Turbo air movers.

This truck was built to own the Hot Rod Drag Week competition back in 2014, and it’s been a pretty successful drag truck since then. Every year it gets a little bit faster.

There is a little bit of contention as to what constitutes “street legal” in that there is no way this truck is 50 state legal, but I’ve always been of the opinion that if it has a license plate and can legally drive on American roads, it’s street legal. Sure, you could never get this truck to pass California smog laws, but in Missouri they apparently just don’t give a shit. It’s basically a funny car with license plates, but because the lax laws of that state exist, we get something awesome like the Larson S10.

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It doesn’t matter what Lamborgotti Fasterossa newfangled machinery you’ve just spent millions buying, it will get its pants blown off by this American-made machine. No, it certainly won’t corner as well on those balloon walled tires, but in a drag race everything else may as well go home. I mean, this truck will sprint from 0-244 mph in under six seconds. That’s mind bending speed.


If you’re ready to pwn some noobs with a Chevy S10, get on the horn to Larson and negotiate a price. It probably won’t be cheap, but it won’t be Italian Hypercar expensive.

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I bet pulling that trailer around just wrecks the fuel economy.