Here's Your Chance to Own the Real Batmobile

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Always wanted to own the car Batman drives on the big screen? If your Batmobile preference is the Batman Returns vintage and you have several hundred thousand dollars to play with, you too could patrol Gotham in style.


Who hasn't entertained what it would be like to be a super hero? As much as we'd all love to fly from skyscraper to skyscraper and defeat bad guys all night, it isn't a reality for most of us. In an ever so slightly more plausible scenario, if you have half a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket you can own a super hero's car. According to the seller, this Batmobile is number 3 in a series of cars produced during the Tim Burton era of Batman. The Batmobile you see here appeared in Batman Returns and comes with full documentation to prove it. Although there are many replicas this is only the second " Authentic Batman Returns Batmobile" ever offered for sale. We aren't sure how many "Authentic Batman Returns Batmobiles" exist, but according to the seller this Batmobile is in the best shape of all of them.

The next owner should make sure to factor potential garage Batcave modifications into the Batmobile's purchase price. Built on a stretched Impala Chassis, the Batmobile is a staggering 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. True to its Chevy frame, the Batmobile features a 350ci V8 crate engine with performance modifications producing "in excess of 200 horsepower". The opening bid of $299,000 has not yet been met for the Batmobile with several days left in the auction. If you need to guarantee the early 1990s Batmobile will be yours, you can buy-it-now for $499,000. If Ebay is a little too impersonal when considering a half million dollar Batmobile purchase, Batmobile #3 will be at the Mecum Auction House's Kissimmee, FL sale later this month along with the Mustang station wagon that never was and several hundred other classic and specialty vehicles

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