This Is Allegedly The Last Saab Ever Built

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Saab might have been building its best cars when it was forced out of business. The last generation 9-5 was an amazing car, but more importantly it was an amazing Saab. The interiors are upscale, the exteriors are svelte and gorgeous, and the driving experience is luxuriously sporty. The 9-5 is a good car, and it didn’t deserve to run into that iceberg, but it proudly went down with the ship.

This car is allegedly the last Saab ever built.

Unique opportunity to buy the absolute last car from SAAB in Trollhättan.
This was produced by the bankruptcy administrator who installed all
available parts and options, so the car is really fully equipped.
This car has mostly been used and run during the summer and is a delicious and unique car that highlights the car’s design both internally and externally. 


I’m so glad that the car is delicious.

Unfortunately the listing does not provide a VIN to confirm the assessment that the Saab in question is the last ever, but if it is, this might be a true piece of history. It might even be worthy of a high end Saab collection, or internment in a museum or something.


If you’re a big fan of the Trolls from Trollhättan, then perhaps this is your opportunity to prove your Saab salt. If you are committed enough to the brand to own the last one in existence, you might have one hell of a Saab story to tell. I’m sorry, I’m contractually obligated to make at least one Saab story pun every time I write about a Saab. Thank you for enduring it and moving on.

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