Here's Your Chance To Own A Brown Manual 1979 Citroen CX

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While they may be on their way back, the United States doesn’t really deserve Citroen. We have sinned too much as a nation for their line of joyous and weird cars. But for a little while, Citroen sold some cars in the United States like the DS but not in huge numbers. The Citroen CX, however was never sold here in North America. As a result, seeing one this side of the Atlantic is a rare occasion. A CX showed up to the Jalopnik Hurricane Relief Car Show last year and it made my entire week.

If you are in the market for a CX, you are in luck because Copart has a listing for a 1979 Citroen CX in brown. If the quintessentially 1970s brown color didn’t already draw you in, this CX is equipped with a manual transmission. If that still wasn’t enough, it only has 4,561 miles on the odometer according to the listing. It’s practically new.


Buy this Citroen now.


While is may be... difficult mechanically, it’s not hard to fall in love with a big goofy looking Citroen. If this car wasn’t located in California, I’d drop everything I was doing to go pick it up. Please someone rescue this piece of art from the junkyard.

As of now, bidding is at $1,550 with a buy it now price of $12,000. Would you rather have a normal car or a brown manual fastback French thing? It’s really an easy choice.


H/T to Antti!