Here's Yet Another Reminder Not To Do Burnouts Like An Idiot

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You are not Jeff Gordon. You are not Dan Gurney. You aren't even Ayrton Senna. (Unless you are any of those three, in which case, that's very impressive, especially the Senna part, for obvious reasons...). So don't just assume you can do sick burnouts in front of huge crowds like it's nothing.

Look, I get it. Burnouts look cool, sound cool, and they destroy tires, which are expensive, and there are few things cooler than the wanton destruction of things that cost money.

But they're easy to get wrong, in your Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, and just because you bought a Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, doesn't mean you can get it right.


So if you're going to do them, please don't do them on public roads, and please, for the love of all that is holy, don't do them next to crowds of people. I know you want to look impressive, in your Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, and the fact that you bought a Ford Mustang SVT Cobra convertible means that you want to let everyone know your kids moved out, but you don't want everyone to see your bald spot, so you cover it up with a hat, but more likely than not you'll just end up looking a bit of a dunce.

And we all look like a bit of a dunce, sometimes. I've been there. But at least I didn't nearly take out a whole bunch of people.


Also, don't just drive away. There's no way to play that one off.

UPDATE: Looks like it's not actually a Cobra, but a regular-old GT. This is what happens when you blog too early.


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