Here's Why You Look Before You Leap Off A Jump At Full Throttle

Sand dunes are the perfect place to go hog wild on your dirt bike or 4x4. Hysterically fun terrain, jumps for days and all the room you could ever need to spread your wings and stop worrying about traffic. I mean, you’d have to have seriously bad luck hit somebody out there. Like this guy, apparently.

This clip is said to come from somewhere in the Qatari desert, which makes sense, because there is sand. The rear license plate on one of those Jeeps looks too wide to be American anyway, but I can’t really tell much else about where this is.

Anyway, the place looks pretty well empty as this biker goes to take flight, except for the convoy of Wranglers that happens to be directly in his path.


Impressively, the rider had the wherewithal to stay focused and stay upright while tagging the last Jeep’s hood with his rear wheel.

One of the guys holding GoPros while watching this biker take off should have been looking at the landing, and waving their arms wildly to try and warn the rider to stop, but obviously that didn’t happen. At first I thought sand flags would have made the Jeeps safer too, but I think they would have been eclipsed by this dune anyway.

At any rate, everyone in this clip is lucky things didn’t get uglier. The Jeep’s hood is ruined, but, you could also say it looks a lot cooler post-impact.

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Takuro Spirit

That’s a sweet fucking battle scar. I’d leave it. Imagine all the questions you’d get at the mall about a tire mark and tire shaped dent on your hood. Totally badass.