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Here's Why The Crowd Loves Mad Mike And His Drifter Buddies At Goodwood

With turbo rotaries or without, Mike and his friends know how to put on a show.

Mad Mike Whiddett’s 1996 Mazda RX7 has a 534 horsepower 4-rotor Wankel engine up its nose. Add the custom suspension, steering rack and a beefy hydraulic suspension, and you’ll end up with tire smoke. Lots of it.


Luckily for the spectators, Mike likes to give the crowd what they want. And what they want is drifting.

He also went to check out the Goodwood Circuit before his run. Remember, pictures and videos like the following are born from people spending quite a lot of time hanging out of the windows of fast-moving cars for your viewing pleasure.

Respect Goodwood Road & Racing!


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Julius Peppers

The one guy who goes up the hill completely “out of control” does not crash, yet the cars with computers to control their stability end up in the hay bails. Love it. :)

*not to mention, that Juke didn’t crash—haha.