Here's Why Some People Got A Ford GT But You Didn't

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When selecting who would be the 500 lucky people to potentially own a Ford GT, Ford took into consideration their previous Ford GT ownership and how much value they would have as a Ford ambassador. It was a mathematical certainty that certain people wouldn’t be picked. Here’s how Ford broke it down.


In an interview Ford conducted with its own CTO, Raj Nair, we learned that Ford was extremely grateful for the thunderous interest in its car (no shit, it’s a real moneymaker).

From the interview:

As a gesture of our appreciation for Ford enthusiasts, 87 percent of the selected applicants are existing Ford vehicle owners and 69 percent own a previous generation Ford GT.

We created a distribution strategy in an effort to be as fair as possible and are working on a plan that will allow us to make even more deserving applicants happy. Stay tuned.

So, about 345 of the new Ford GTs went to existing GT owners. Which means that, in the second round of the application process that will happen in a couple years, your chances remain high if you already have a Ford GT.

I wonder if Ford conducted this interview after indignant people, complaining on social media and YouTube, shouted loudly that Ford only picked celebrities and Instagram stars. I hope so.


Just gotta keep trying, I suppose.


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question: if you need a Ford GT to get a new Ford GT does selling your existing Ford GT in order to pay for your new Ford GT after you get the letter saying you can buy the new Ford GT revoke your ability to purchase the new Ford GT since you are no longer in possession of the old Ford GT when you take delivery of the new Ford GT?