Here's Why It's Extremely Important To Completely Clear Snow Off Of Your Car

The Weather Channel just pulled off some weird 3D magic trick right there on the computer screen to prove how important it is to clear the snow and ice completely off of your car before driving. The future is informative and weird.


After Weather Channel’s Jen Carfagno almost gets run over by a close-enough rendering of a Volvo XC90 coming out of the wall, she lays down the facts on why it’s so damn dangerous to be an idiot and drive around without clearing the snow off of your car.

That augmented reality magic is neat, but hopefully you paid more attention to the danger of loose snow and ice. The loose snow creates a visibility hazard for others on the road and ice can form into sheets that fall off in big chunks, potentially hitting and damaging other cars, and possibly causing accidents. A chunk of 100 pounds of snow and ice can hit a car traveling 60 miles per hour with 10 tons of force.

Don’t be a bad person. Not only does a buildup on your car put you in danger, but also, like, everybody else man.

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