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Here's What Tanner Foust Calls 'The Most Extreme Motorsport There Is'

Illustration for article titled Heres What Tanner Foust Calls The Most Extreme Motorsport There Is
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Champion of Drift and Rallycross, X-Games gold medalist, and Top Gear USA star Tanner Foust has driven all kinds of insanity. But after stepping out of a Pro 2 Short Course truck, he was all about it; "This has got to be the most extreme motorsport there is."


Pro 2 trucks are rear-wheel drive race rigs built on standardized chassis, running between 700 and 900 horsepower. With a 20" suspension travel limit (18" up front) and a minimum weight of 3,750 pounds, they spent a lot of time sideways and airborne bombing around wide-but-short dirt tracks.


Foust had his first go in one back in April, but blew and engine and rolled over before he could have much fun. But he had better luck last weekend: On Saturday's Lucas Oil event at Lake Elsinore, California he took Rob MacCachren's Rockstar Energy truck with a mid-pack finish and a lot of enthusiasm about the sport.

"You're jumping over 100 feet three times every lap, the trucks are dropping over 30 feet out of the air to the ground multiple times per lap. It seems the closer you come to rolling the truck over, the faster you're going," said Foust.

"To be able to jump into a Pro 2 truck and compete at the highest levels of the sport with Rob (MacCachren) was incredible. I've got the bug now and I'd jump at the chance to race short course trucks again."

No kidding, it looks like an absolute riot:

Check out the Lucas Oil Off-Road site to see when you can catch the next race on TV or at some awesome mud-pit someplace.


Images: Lucas Oil/Flickr

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Andrew P. Collins

Relevant: for some reason I find this lineup of grid girls, suit guy, and the Geico gecko posting up while somebody sings the National Anthem hilarious.

Oh say can you ROCK!