Here's What Really Happens At A Racing School

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Jalopnik’s Deputy Editor Michael Ballaban: Journalist. Lover. Patron of the arts. Anchovy syrup enthusiast. Above all else, driving god. But how did he get that way? Are heroes like Mike born, or are they made? It’s definitely the latter, and in our latest video, you’ll learn how by seeing what really happens at a racing school.

A few years ago, Mike did his first-ever track day in service of Jalopnik—a highly recommended rite of passage for any car enthusiast. But autocross and track days can only take you so far. The way to really take your skills to the next level is to do an actual racing school.


So last year, Mike was invited to the Lucas Oil School of Racing, at Jalopnik’s home track, Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, CT. We jumped at the chance to put him through the crucible and teach him how to actually race.

But it’s not all speed and violence. As you’ll see here, a lot of it is classroom time, learning to brake and accelerate and pass properly before you go wheel to wheel. And this school builds on all the fundamentals before it has its students put them together on the course.


A two-day racing school with the Lucas Oil folks costs $2,999. Not cheap, but for the level of instruction you get here it’s a hell of a bargain. As Mike puts it, the result is learning to drive without fear or hesitation, and the knowledge that you can push yourself to be better and faster.

Our problem is, now Mike’s been bitten by the racing bug. And may god help us all.


Special thanks to the Lucas Oil School of Racing for making this video happen.