Here's What It's Actually Like in the Exotic Car Rental Business

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We’ve all had the dream where we somehow cobble together a couple million, invest it all in a fleet of exotics, and rake in the cash while dabbling in our dream garage on the side. It turns out it’s not like that. Well, it’s a bit like that, but it’s not what you think it is.


It’s a lot of lower-tier “celebrities” trying to get into your cars for free, waiting around on movie sets where nothing happens, and generally being concerned that the person who signs for the car isn’t the person who drives the car, who then promptly crashes it, according to Rob Ferretti, who used to run Gotham Dream Cars and now does a lot of Youtube stuff:

Update: The topshot and text have been edited after publication to better reflect the story and video’s subject matter.

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I agree with the point he makes about renting these to get a feel if you like them (around the 2:30 mark). I did one of those exotics racing things in the last year, not because I was yearning to turn out fast lap times, but simply because I’d never driven a GTR or a 911 before.

It was an expensive test drive, but it also gave me a clue about their driving dynamics. (My conclusion was that 90% of the capabilities of a GTR or a 911 turbo would never be used by me in road driving and wasted).  I also discovered I’m a pretty shitty driver at high speeds.