Here's What It Looks Like Inside A Tire When You Drive

It’s easy to forget that tires are important shock absorbers that work alongside the rest of the suspension system to smooth your ride since you never get to watch some of the work they do. Until you put a camera in one.


The following video is the work of YouTubers Warped Perception and answers a question that probably a lot of us have had maybe our entire lives. Just what the hell does it look like inside your tires as you’re rolling down the road?

It looks both pretty trippy and also, in a strange way, somewhat predictable. It’s vaguely a little bit dirty, with small bits of debris flying about, but not in an unkempt way, more slightly dirty tire-shop vibes. It’s also surprisingly a little violent, as somewhere around a quarter of the weight of the vehicle bears down on the thick rubber.

When they eventually pick up speed the effect is even more jarring, but the footage is a good look at what happens with the rubber literally meets the road.



Said it before, will say it again. Sidewall=good. The more sidewall, the less of those forces transfer into the car. Yes youll lose some handling, but for a daily driver? More sidewall.